Sunday, February 13, 2011

Typing with Thoughts

     I'll just go ahead and briefly discuss how much more awesome typing fast is that slowly. I'll ignore the obvious. It's quicker. heh.

     What I'm hinting at is that collecting your thoughts requires a lot less effort that you would think. As I type, I'm actually staring off into the distance and typing just about as fast as I can gather a thought, which is nice. It's pretty interesting considering that this keyboard under my hands didn't exist at one time. I wonder how people would manage. Shorthand? The reason that a lot of my past blogs have been a little "ranty" and off-topic is because: A. I type as I think. B. I rarely go back and revise my ideas (which is bad). Don't get me wrong, I only post this kind of work on this blog or something similar and unnecessary. For this kind of publication, I like to leave it as it is... Sort of letting it out in it's 'raw' form. If I turn something in to my English professor, I revise the hell out of thing --assuming I don't do it in the last minute--. If you aren't an amazing typer (I'm not saying that I am), you are more likely a very good at text messaging. Anyone reading this is probably my age and owns a cell phone. You can text. You're fast too. Didn't you find, that when you could text faster, that you could stay with your thoughts pretty well? Your thoughts come and go, but it's still possible to stay with them to an extent. I think a little slower than I normally would when I'm typing, honestly, but it fascinates me that it works that way. I never thought it would be possible to just follow my thoughts with my fingers, and therefore creating something physical that could be saved permanently.It's truly amazing. Respect, Gutenberg.

     I hope the servers don't go down.
Also, I'm not in Starbucks.

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