Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Men. Also, Women.

     People make Max angry. MAX WANT CRUSH PEOPLE!!
 I figured you would enjoy my textual, hulk-like entrance into this post. The subject line of this post surprisingly leads you into a relevant post for once, as I will talk about people who talk about the differences between men and women. Why is that people think their opinions on this subject will intellectually matter? When a debate ensues in this manner, the ultimate bias is always in effect. I'm referring to the fact that pretty much everyone is either a man or a women (anatomically speaking). Honestly, if you haven't yet experienced being in the middle of this debacle, then I hope you're immune to headaches when it happens. Usually, you're either a man or a woman. Taking a stance on an argument, with proper credibility; being unbiased, seems to be pretty impossible for.... anyone. At least, that's what I continually observe. It's interesting to watch people try to appear as though they are unbiased. My English class works just like the latter statement. For a short while, It actually seemed bearable, and then I noticed one key factor in the class's absurdity: Every single person --and I actually tallied in anticipation of being right-- supported only their own gender. Most of them were citing credible sources. Sure, but they didn't really bother to even check out what the other side looks like, did they? Here. I'll sum up what happened to ease with this complex visualization.

     "Woman are illogical creatures that rely on emotion to do everything they ever do!"
     "Men are stupid cavemen who fight and have sex with everything. They think with their wieners!     Also, they mature slower at childhood."
     Does it count as paraphrasing if it more effectively describes what the original speaker was blabbering about? I obviously don't agree with either statement.
     I only like science, really.


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