What is this?

     I use this blog to post my work. I do a lot of things, but I mostly make video blogs. I also tend to write posts about thoughts and other musings. I can Photoshop things on occasion as well. If I were to ever learn to do something else, I would probably post that here too. Basically, if you want to see things that I make, stick around.

Who am I?

     Hello! This is the part of my website blog place in which I write about myself, as you may not know who I am. Profoundly speaking, I don't even know who I am. Deep. Let's get started.
      My name is Max Wallace, I'm barely a teenager at the moment, and I'm on the internet a lot. More specifically, I use YouTube (and Tumblr) on a daily basis. The videos that I upload on YouTube are categorized as "video blogs" because I often spend the duration of those videos talking about a specific subject or two. They consist of swift jump cuts throughout (usually), and do not consist of me blinking like a normal person. It's not that I blink strangely, but that I don't blink so often when I'm concentrated. Ask Ze Frank or John Green. It's very real.

... but I digress.

     A week or two into April, in which I am currently making a video every day, I met a bunch of people via Google + Hangouts. Many of said people are primarily on Tumblr, and have slowly dragged me over to that side of the internet as well. I now do YouTube and Tumblr a lot. It's just a good thing.

     Essentially, I'm on the internet in places for reasons. Find me here:

It's nice to meet you too.