Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Max sounds like this when he thinks about stuff:

     I've thought of everything I possibly could about my living, and I've always come down to the same conclusion. I need to invent a job.
     By saying this, I mean that I should either be self-employed or make money in a way that no one has ever done before. Creating an original job would be difficult seeing as The Simpsons probably already did it. I'm thinking along the lines of my talents. I'm not so sure that this will be an easy endeavor, as few of my talents could ever possibly be marketable. I have good hand-eye coordination... Nah. I've recorded and edited 102 Youtube videos... I consider myself a good editor, so that will probably come in handy later. Yeah, I should probably make money doing that. Local commercials would be really cool. Every time I see a commercial in these parts, it makes me sick to my stomach. These companies probably pay a "professional" loads of money do use a crappy camera and throw together some clips and text. I could do that. Rhett & Link seem to be quite inspiring lately. Love those guys. That's a command. LOVE THEM.
    But seriously...
It sounds like it's going to be best for me to major in media at West Virginia State University. Their media program is very film-oriented. I think I use hyphens too much. Marshall University's media program is fantastic, but print journalism, unfortunately, will die, and I'm really not into radio. I don't have the voice for it either. I don't really listen to it either. I'll stick with my interests.
    and of course... There's always the possibility of a lucky break to catch. Maybe my YouTube videos will catch on one day. I have a decent amount of subscribers in a year, so I just need to persevere. Maybe I'll  decide to be an actor. I haven't ever tried acting, besides being an idiot on YouTube. Fun-Relevant-Fact: Zach Galifianakis was actually majoring in media before he decided to act. He dropped out two years in, but yeah...
     It sounds in likely in my own head, but many people I've had the pleasure of small-talk with in recent years has told be to try stand up comedy. I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm really into stand up comedy. Not necessarily my own, but others'. I could give you a list of my favorite comedians in different genres, etc. So, naturally that suggestion from these small-talkers (there's that hyphen again) has been getting me excited. There's a Funny Bone comedy club near me. There's an open mic night and everything... For that kind of stand up, I would only have to write about ten minutes or less of material. I could do that. I mean, this whole stand up comedy thing would definitely go along with other possibilities under the "lucky breaks" category, but it's possible. I'll figure something out eventually. I'll just not f*ck up in college, for now.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feeling French

     With this post comes a specific inspiration in mind, but a general message nonetheless.

     A second ago, I finished watching the film Amélie. It's totally French; you probably couldn't tell or anything.
     After watching, I had this sudden large rush of inspiration to learn the French language. I'd never really wanted to learn it before. I took Spanish in highschool. Point being, good movies seem to have a lasting effect onto things I want to do. Here's another example for perspective: After I saw the Social Network for the first time, I wanted to go and learn a bunch of programming languages and whatnot. Also, people feel like they can kick ass after they watch a Jackie Chan movie. "I wish somebody would mess with me right now!". That last one probably got you.
     I can't help but wonder what it would be like to watch movies to keep doing everything you do in your life. The inspirational effect from movies seem to last the whole day after you watch. It's crazy how that works. What if a person watched movies about hackers every day to get better grades as a Computer Science major? I think It could work, given there are an assortment of movies to not get tired of. 
     Here's another thought I had a second ago.
     What if, after viewing an inspirational movie, you stay awake for as long as you can? Would the effects of the movie stick around until you pass out? I don't even know, but I feel like I need to conduct an experiment in the near future, seeing as I'm quite useless at the moment. 

Thanks for reading.