Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Feet. [Biking]

     I mean this title literally; in relation to mountain biking. I am a mountain biker. It's true. This is for the people who really want to go ride and are not sure how they're going to stand the horribly cold weather. It's just a little bit of advice that may keep one going in the winter. If there's anything I've learned about being unprepared and riding in the cold is that your feet will suffer 4x worse than the rest of your body. Really. When I came back from my first winter ride, I was letting out mini-shreaks from possible frost bite. I don't like thinking about it. My friend, Wes, told me of a most excellent method for prevention.

Here's how:
     You're gonna wunna find some think wooly socks to wear. We all know that everything's colder when wet, so let's make sure no moisture collects in these socks. Find a random grocery bag and stick your now-socked foot into that; put this new foot-concoction into your bike shoe!
It sounds dumb, and I'm sorry, but it makes the world of difference for one's feet.
Crap, man.

Happy winter riding!

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