Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, here's something to type about while my coffee cools down.


Specifically from blogs.
Strangely enough, one of the first things I did after making my first post EVER on this blog was monetizing it (able to generate revenue). It was like that up until recently when I removed the ads. Why? There's no reason to have done it in the first place! There are two reasons for me: I wouldn't have made anything due to the lack of readers, and I don't want ads turning this party palace into a f*cking billboard. I was inspired to do this from watching the Social Network for the 5th time when they were discussing if THEY should put up ads yet or not. I don't know what this blog will eventually be. I don't have the slightest clue, but I like this blog. I hate ads a whole lot, so why should I make my [small amount of]readers endure them? They're gone! Yay.
By the way, I just uploaded a video on my channel for the first time in a month and I explain why my uploading schedule is currently as weird as it is. Check it out!


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