Monday, January 24, 2011


So here I sit after class at Starbucks sipping down my expensive girly coffee drink of some sort because it's too hot to actually drink for several hours. Maybe it wouldn't be that way if it didn't have this thick layer of (insulating, really) whipped cream right on top. There's the setting. Now you understand my life.

There was a short discussion in my English class about an hour ago about art, and whether it is still art if it is sold. Since It's only been an hour, I decided I'd permanently ink my opinions into the internet while it's still fresh in my head. Who knows? Maybe I can look back when I'm older and laugh at what a twat I (am|was). I just burned my mouth.

So here's how I think this whole art thing goes, and I'd like to say real quick that since it is art --not math-- there are no definite answers; just opinions. With that said, take this in as it is. Whether or not a piece or art (whatever it might be) is eventually used to create revenue is not what deems the piece to be "dead". I firmly believe that what the art was made for completely determines the way people should see it. For instance: Let's say that a specific rapper is a greedy wiener head and he wants to make some money. He or she knows that if one wants to sell their music, they are going to have to do some marketing research to determine what age groups and other demographics are going to eat up all of their bull crap. The problem with people who create whatever art they want is that there's only money if they just happen to make what other people want. A real piece of art should be made to express what the artist was feeling rather than what sells. In the sense that art is constantly sold in today's society, it is becoming more and more evident that art is dying. Everything you've just read is just my take on things, so don't get your britches in a wad. However, I have no objections to reading other people's opinions on the matter, as I am not a closed-minded twat.

Also, I just wanted to quickly paraphrase a little input my English Professor threw in to the conversation towards its end. His example of making art "for the heck of it (my words)" is the people who go through the city and night and mark everything up with spray-paint to spread a message. It's interesting that graffiti is one of the only well-known forms of art left that is made and left without a name. Credit isn't important to most of them. In typing this, I've kind-of come to the realization that everyone's actions are inevitably driven by credibility or money. It's all about wanting that fame that you'll never get. I'm sick of money; I'm sick of everyone trying to sell everything. I'd live in the woods if I wasn't a pussy.

Quick thought: money exponentiates a personality.

Assholes become bigger assholes; nice people become very generous.

Well, there's that. Follow this blog! I'll be more likely to update, and I'd appreciate it. I unmonitized this blog before I wrote this. ;-D

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