Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Words!

I have a particular stance on words that people consider "bad". When you look at intangible rules objectively (they were made up), you can easily see how stupid it all really is. "Bad words" are just a part of a big puzzle of crap that doesn't exist. Other pieces of said puzzle are time, patriotic rules (removing your hat blah blah blah), and the sanctity of life. These dumb rules give no one any advantage whatsoever, and there is no physical reason they should exist. I don't see these rules written in the sky anywhere. Why are words bad? They aren't; they're just arrangements of pronounceable letters. The only thing bad about using one of those words would be a possible negative connotation. But at the same time, you could say something without "bad words" with a connotation just as hateful --if not more hateful-- as that statement. The only thing anyone should be worried about, concerning speech, is the underlying message behind what a person is saying to them. Words aren't bad; don't be stupid.

Well. There's that.

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