Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I swear, it rattles my brain.
Again, a trick subject line!
I absolutely hate getting messages on my YouTube account about people wanting to exchange subscriptions. There are many reasons that this is just... gay, but there's one big one that alone would keep me from subjecting to it.
When someone subscribes to my channel, all I ask is that it is voluntary and that it is so that my videos will appear in your subscription box. If someone subscribes, I want it to be because they want to watch my videos! I have this problem right now. If you go look at the numbers on my channel, you'll realize that they do not match up at all.
Every time I make a video, I typically get around 100 views the first few days, and no more. I wouldn't mind this view count... except, it's not even close to my subscription count. As I type this post, I have 340 subscribers... That doesn't match my videos' view counts at all. It's not out-of-nowhere, though. I have an explanation for all of this ridiculousness.
A couple of months ago, I received a word of advice from my good e-friend to talk to a youtuber by the name of Pwnisher and see if we could feature each other in our boxes on our channels. I figured, "Hey, this will get me noticed!". I did it because Pwnisher had over 16,000 subscribers at the time. So, Clinton (Pwnisher) and I set this deal up, and it went pretty well while it was going on. My numbers were going up quickly and about 10 people were subscribing per day! Sounds great, right?
Well, I soon found out that every time I made a video, my view count was barely more than it was before my channel was posted on the front of Clinton's channel. Strange. It didn't take long to figure out that those subscribers I gained in that time-span were the type of people to ask to trade subscriptions...
No thanks.
As of now, they're actually still subscribed to me, and I still get barely over 100 views on my videos. The point is, if you want to subscribe to me because you like my videos... cool! If you want me to subscribe back just because you did to me, I will if they're good. I'm not about to waste space in my subscription box and see your shitty videos there. Gain a following because you have fans, not subscription trades.
Get lives


  1. MAXXXX yeah but the good thing with being in peoples boxes like that is some of the people find your channel through may become devout subscribers :D I know from experience lol but yeah its annoying not getting as much views as subs i have 1.5k approx. and get about 500 views on my vids but my other channel gets like 2k views and only has like 550 subs

  2. Very true. I just like the feeling that people who are subscribed to me did it because they wanted to watch my videos, you know?

  3. yah i do know lol ;)
    nice wink BTW

  4. Thanks! It helped me out way more than I thought it would. Coincidentally, I gained a lot of more loyal subscribers. Tons more comments/views every time I make a video. Feels good, man.