Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One of Those Days

So here I am.
I sit in this horribly uncomfortable chair --purchased from Linens and Things 10 years ago-- and I do nothing but worry about how my life is going to unfold in the oncoming years. It's only been my first semester of college, but not even logic is going to stop my paranoid mind from convincing itself that I'm destined for failure. The conclusion I often come to when in this mood is that none of my talents are applicable to everyday life; with them, I will not be able to support myself. I suppose, it doesn't help that I'm watching The Social Network while composing this blog post. Side note: I just watched the first Sean Parker scene in which he --and I'm paraphrasing-- told Mark that calling his site just "Facebook" would sound a lot cleaner without the "the". This makes me wonder why they didn't do the same thing to "The Social Network," but I digress. One thing I really enjoyed in this first semester in Marshall was my English Composition class. Unlike high school where I did best in Trigonometry, I did way better in this class. Sure I enjoy it, but I worry a little too much about my future,financial well-being to consider putting money into a major like that. So, here I am waiting around Christmas time for the next semester at Marshall to start. During that semester, I will try my luck at computer science. The California club scene from the Social Network is too loud. Well, it's pirated, I don't care. Toodles, everyone. I'm not sure what "everyone" could even mean in a boring blog like this.

Here's a shameless plug for my YouTube channel, in which I put a whole lot more effort into every few days.

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  1. Hello, self. At times, you seem pathetic, but I love you.