Thursday, November 17, 2011


     It's been a really weird day. Looking over everything, I can only notice that  it consists of petty first-world problems. My lack of outgoingness, my grades in my Management course in college, and still living with my parents at 19 years old, to name a few.  It's silly how we subconsciously assess what we have, and then build standards on our lives from it. If I came from a poor family, I may feel exactly like I do now if I worried about how I would pay for food, or I would worry about my successful business losing some money this quarter if I happened to be a man of business. Standards. They're imaginary. Made up. You know; everyone's standards for themselves are totally different. No one likes to say this, but who decides what is trivial? In theory, wouldn't factors that contribute to if we stay alive or not take precedence? The tables in this world turn, because our standards are all completely different. They're just made up. Pondering all of this, only one question keeps ringing in my mind like an annoying, persistent "friend" from high school who has my phone number (another example)... How can I break free of my life's standards?

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