Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cheesy Love for the YouTube Community

This post is exactly what the title suggests!
I've been given recent inspiration to make this, as Wheezy Waiter's been a big help recently. Yesterday around 8pm, Wheezy Waiter happened to like a video of mine called, "Take On Oatmeal". I made the video about a month ago and it was based on a video he made a few years ago called, "Take On Chores". Right after I made it, I set it as a response to Craig's video, but that video did not automatically accept responses; they had to be approved my him. Yesterday, he approved the response (Mine is the only current accepted response to that video), and pressed the LIKE button on it! When someone does that, it shows up in their channel's "Recent Activity" box and on the front pages of everyone subscribed to him. So, my video was on roughly 300,000 people's home pages as well as his channel. Needless to say, I did an epic happy-dance.

This is what kind of thing gives me hope for the community on YouTube. Small things like "liking" a video or accepting responses can help so stinking much, no matter who you are. This is also the reason I like to feature people's waves in my videos. I love it. If you're reading and upload videos, make sure to lend a helping hand every once in a while, as it can easily make someone's day. It might even change one's life. As always, DFTBA. :)

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