Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ze Frank

     It's 1:35 right now, and I have class around 2:00. Let's see what I can get out in this short time window.

     Living on my own, I have had most of my time dedicated to watching fantastic online content, because I believe that there are enough hilarious and informative web shows to keep me from television and the like.
     Today, I watched two of the videos of Ze Frank at TED, where he gave ~20-minute talks about what he has done, and how it has effected him. I'm no stranger to The Show with Ze Frank, but I was almost completely unaware of the projects he had been conducting (even before the show). I had actually read about a song he wrote, using many people's voices, to comfort a woman who was losing hope with her job and life in general, but I didn't know it was Ze Frank. Seeing the TED talk connected all of the dots in my head, and completely inspired me. So much so that I'm quickly typing this "urgent" blog post in the library at my new university.
     I want to do something. I mean, something, not just what I do now. I currently am an active video blogger on YouTube (not as active as Ze was, though), and I post GIFs of things I think are funny on Tumblr, but I do not feel that I've adequately utilized the community. There are a lot of great people who want to do good things, and I need to harness the energy and see what I can do with it.
     I'll get back to you on this.


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