Saturday, January 7, 2012

Old Media Is Trash

     This is a subject I could have gone on about in the past, since I've always felt the same way, but It's in the forefront of my thoughts at the moment because I am moving out. When moving out, one must make the choice on whether to pay for cable. The choice is simple.
     Beyond this simple declaration of my opinion, I have more to explain. Have you ever really watched a web show? I mean, a REALLY great web show? They can show you what you're missing with old media. Television is extremely terrible, and I just can't go back to watching it. Even channels like discovery channel and the history channel --Which are supposed to help people learn-- are filled with those bickering idiots that make motorcycles, people trying SO hard to lose weight, and guys conning people out of their treasures to sell for a quick profit. Keep in mind, this is the peak. Other shows are about terrible people. Jersey Shore; all shows about young pregnant women, to name a "few". I just don't understand the need to get off on seeing how terrible humanity can be. I suspect a common insecurity deep within the minds of Americans. The need to watch terrible people be terrible people stems from a need of a distraction from the thought of being a terrible person in one's own mind. I apologize if you must read over that last sentence several times.
     Of course, this whole mental process is a bunch of bologna, and you know it. The fans of these shows aren't necessarily horrible people. Television programs of this nature pick out the exceptions and put them on tele screens all over the world. Technically, the shows that are picked to be broadcast are those that are to receive a high viewership. Stop it. You can live without bridezillas. Think. Do not contribute to the fanbase of these terrible empires. They only exist based on precise research on what the public likes.
     I'll leave you with this: Question Everything.
Thanks for reading. Share it around if you agree.

     By the way, I didn't capitalize the names of those shows on purpose. Fight the power.

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