Saturday, July 16, 2011

Minecraft during Pizza

     Hello, you small amount of readers!
I have a previously frozen pizza brewing, and I thought I'd take these incredibly long minutes to talk about Minecraft. I don't think I've spoken about that game on this blog before, so I just... will. Now. Alrighty then.
Minecraft is beautiful in many ways, but one of those ways sets it apart from it's brothers and sisters. Anyone who checks the gameplay out for the first time is going to question whether it's even worth (whatever the pricetag might be).
     In addition, it doesn't take long to notice that everyone around you loves it, and that there happens be a super-gigantic community all over the internet of people who play it.
For example, I searched for and found the song "Moar Ghosts and Stuff" by Deadmou5 on youtube, so I could listen to it while playing Minecraft. There really isn't a reason that I listen to it specifically, but I do appreciate some background music. In the top-rated comments of this video/song/thing, there was a comment that said something like, "This song + Minecraft = godly". Though I do agree with that comment, I still found it super strange to see that as a top rated comment, and I had never felt more surrounded by other "Minecrafters".
     At that point, I had already decided to try and play on some servers out there. Playing the game with other people is seriously another whole different experience. I find that servers are more about epic building than the whole "surviving and thriving" mode that single-player offers, so everyone is always hoping to 1up the next person. This type of atmosphere most often leads to amazing results.
I mean, have you ever seen a pixel portrait in Minecraft? That should be proof enough.
I think I'll take this pizza out in a second. I'll probably devour it too.
and then...


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